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We have raised parrots for years. A client asked if we would raise her baby in the cage she had purchased for him.  We did, and the baby made a smooth, stress-free transition to his new home.  At that point, we decided to offer cages to our clients.

Mind you, if I had my way, all my cages would be stainless steel and custom designed.  If I had my way, someone would also buy me a winning lotto ticket. Failing that, I did extensive research into alternatives.  I found dozens, but most had shortcomings that were likely to make me crazy (crazier) over time.  Either the cages were too light and flimsy, or they weighed a ton (roughly), or the dishes were hard to reach, or the powder coating was poorly done, or the parts were put together with "bad metal" nuts and bolts, or they were, in a word, "

Fortunately, we were able to find acceptable, affordable alternatives.  My favorites are the Island Cages. Unlike many cages, these were obviously designed by parrot owners. They are sturdy and easy to clean. The food and water dishes are located on the outside of the cages. Tweety can't poop in them, no matter how hard he tries, and they don't take up his living space

I am sensitive to color. The Island Cage colors are attractive and the colors are muted. They blend in with a room's décor, rather than dominating it. 

None of the stores in our community sell Island Cages. I had to go to a trade show to see the cages "in person". Weeks before the show, I spoke to one of the co-owners of the Island Cage Company.  She told me that "Jungle Mist Grey" was a very popular color.  I looked at the gray color chip in my hand.  Using my usual tact and eloquence, I said, "
Oh, Yuck!" 

Long story short - she was right and I was wrong.  It is a great color.  The blue cage looks good in my blue dining room.  The green cage looks good in my green living room.  The gray cage looks nice in every room of the house.  Don't you just
hate it when all the good arguments are on the other side?

Notice the "play" top. Toys are hanging on hooks, suspended above the perches. This is the only kind of play top which allows a bird to…! Island Cages also have wider seed skirts than many brands. Unless you are a vacuum-cleaning-aficionado, you'll appreciate that feature.

Our parrots also enjoy their Island Lanai Play stand.  Ours is the blue one pictured below.  We appreciate the fact that it is easy to move about the house and easy to clean. One or the other of our pet birds can often be found, playing contentedly on the Lanai, while I sit at the computer.  It enables them to be close -- to enjoy ambient attention -- yet it prevents them from jumping off a table perch, onto my keyboard.

How often have you been working at your computer, when your parrot suddenly decided to "type"
@jioa[uib urjowl/4ekopb espa't irope[' rawje90[ab in the middle of your paragraph?  Yeah…me too. The Lanai will keep your parrot close enough to feel a part of your activity.  It will also keep him busy and  less inclined to "help" with your correspondence.    Questions? Send us an e-mail.