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At FEFFIE'S FEATHERS AVIARY, our lives revolve around our lovingly socialized parrots.  Over the years, we have been asked for recommendations on diet, housing and toys.  We have been encouraged to sell the products we have most enjoyed.  Although we do not plan to operate a large mail-order business, we have decided to offer a few, carefully selected items.

Of the many
CAGES we have owned, Island cages are our favorites.  Many of our babies are raised in the Island Cages they will take to their new homes.  Although we do not ship cages, we do offer the full line of Island Cages and supplies to parrot owners within driving distance of our aviary, located in Lansing, Michigan.

For nearly a decade, our parrots have been fed a diet which includes fresh food, home grown sprouts and SCENIC BIRD FOOD AND GOLDENFEAST MIXES. We recommended Scenic pelleted formula because it is
not marketed as "complete nutrition".  It is designed to be fed with a variety of fresh foods.  Variety is essential to the physical and emotional well being of our babies and parent birds. We recommend Goldenfeast mixes because they are a convenient and healthful way to help busy bird owners provide their pets with the variety needed.

Several years ago, one of our parent birds was diagnosed with toxic metal poisoning.  When we examined his cage, we discovered that the toxic metal was on the only commercially made toy he had been given.  Fortunately, our parrot recovered.  In fact, the baby Blue Headed Pionus pictured above is one of his offspring.  However, on that day, we became acutely aware of the number of unsafe toys on the market.  We began making our own
TOYS. All components used are safe.  Stainless steel is the only metal we use. 

We also sell bird safe City Scene Toys.  They come in delightful shapes and colors and are also made here in Michigan.

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See our beautiful Congo and Timneh African Grey, Eclectus, Pionus, Senegal, Cape Parrot and Jardine's Parrot babies, at Feffie's Feathers